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Burlington | Adirondacks | Montpelier | Stowe | Lake Placid | Saratoga Springs   

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"You're a world class sleight of hand illusionist!"
Gary Moss
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Bassist
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Entertainment Services

Hi, I'm Alyx. It's my goal to help you to make your event awesome. I want your guests to laugh, smile, and enjoy themselves. Together, we can decide which of the below services is best for your event.

I offer an evening show which is funny, smart, and skillful. Of this show, one client said, "Alyx is like a great stand up comic and magician all in one!" This show is a great option for corporate after dinner shows, theater venues, or even house parties that want to take it to the next level. 

Throwing a holiday party or corporate mixer? Or are you looking for a way to help new friends break the ice at a wedding reception? Perfect. I can perform magic while mingling with your guests. This type of magic happens right in front of your guests and right in their own hands. 

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A Vermont Magician Making a Big Splash
Hi, I'm Alyx, and if you're curious to know more about me, here are a few highlights. 

In November 2021 I was honored to be featured on the cover of Vanish International Magic Magazine with the feature article.

I've performed at the Chicago Magic Lounge, twice headlined at Philadelphia's Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater and was the feature performer at The Boston Magic Lab twice. I also perform my one-woman show and lecture on my magic philosophy at national magicians' conventions and am a guest co-star in Washington DC's number one comedy magic show, The Magic Duel.

Although I primarily perform at private and ticketed events, I also enjoy occasionally returning to my roots as a traveling street theater entertainer. There is something amazing about the freedom to travel the country and work under the warmth of the sun.

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"A rising female magician with wit and charm" 

- The Sun Community News

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"A pro that knows what to do and delivers the goods" 

- Danny Archer and Marty Martin,

Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater Owners

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"Engaging performer, fun audience interaction, and strong magical moments."  - Felice Ling, Owner Boston Magic Lab


"What a delight!" 

- Casey Galligan, President of the Board, Upper Jay Art Center

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"You were fantastic and I have had tons of rave reviews for your show and talk." 

- Shawn Farquhar, 100th Anniversary IBM Convention Talent Booker


"Wonderfully talented"

- Vanish International Magic Magazine

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"Alyx made me look good, what any producer can only hope to achieve." 

- Louis Meyer, 
Convention Producer

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